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Why Air Quality Matters and How to Improve It

We often take air quality for granted, while it holds a vital key to our wellness. If we live in a heavily-polluted environment, then our risks to develop respiratory diseases will also become higher. And the worst thing about such illnesses is that they will not appear as a significant health problem unless they have become severe.

External vs. Internal Pollution

breathing fresh airPolluted air is not always caused by external factors such as industrial debris, motor’s exhaust, and smokes. Inadequate ventilation can also lead to mold, fungi, and dust buildups. Long-term exposure to those waste substances will result in allergic reactions such as inflammation and infection.

Dealing with External Pollution

To reduce the risk of health damages which are caused by external pollutions, you have to check the air-quality index your place. If the index surpasses the average scale, then you should consider wearing an air mask. With only Internet access, you can see the air quality index of any places on Earth in a real-time presentation from webs like AirNow and Waqi (World Air Quality Index). As for the smartphone’s apps, you can install Breeezometer or Air Visual.

Dealing with Internal Pollution

high tech vent systemChecking the quality of outdoor air is more straightforward than the indoor. First, you should evaluate if you have ever experienced any allergic reactions such as an unexplainable runny nose, itchiness, and asthma. You may not notice visible dust anywhere in your room and suffer from the allergy anyway. Sometimes, your allergy trigger is a particular type of fungus or paint residue.

If you live in an apartment unit with an integrated vent system, then you should explain your condition to the superintendent. Tell him/her that perhaps the air filter of the vent machine needs an upgrade or replacement.

If you live in a house, then you installing an air purifier can be a quick solution. But make sure that you choose the eco-friendly purifiers because keeping yourself healthy while wasting the energy harms the environment. Besides, climate change impacts have begun to materialize. You surely do not want to get involved in ruthless nature exploitation, do you?


Improving air quality is not as easy as it seems. Some electrical devices and breathing apparatus might help yourself, but if they are not eco-friendly, you are still contributing to damaging mother nature. It is time for us to live a wise lifestyle because we are responsible for the quality of the air we breathe.