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Amazing Ways of Labeling your Clothing

Garments and clothing need to be labeled for various reasons. Children head to school, join sports teams or camp and you would like to have their new equipment and clothes you buy to come home with them. When they get older and go to college where they share a communal laundry where things may go missing. When senior citizens go to assisted living facilities, most institutions require that the washable clothes be labeled before taking them to the facility’s laundry room.

There is no single best way of labeling clothes due to the different fabric types and how the garments are designed. Labeling options vary in price, and you have to decide if the label will the removed in future or it will be permanent. Here are some of the ways to label your clothes.

Iron-On Labels

label on clotheThere are a lot of websites that sell plain or personalized iron on labels. Plain labels may be personalized with permanent ink laundry markers. These are convenient and not too expensive. They also usually last through the life of your garment. If the clothing is handed down, a new label may be ironed over the last one. The labels are normally difficult to remove and may damage your garment if you pull too hard.

Laundry Markers

The least expensive and easiest way to label clothing is using a permanent laundry ink marker. This indelible ink can last through many trips through the washing machine, and it is quick to use. It can, however, bleed through the fabric and outside of your garment. When using this type of labeling ensure you protect the outside of the garment by placing a piece of cardboard beneath the label areas to catch any bleeding ink.

Laundry Stamps

Customized self-inking stamps can also be used to mark clothing. Like laundry markers, they are easy to use but have limitations as the permanent ink laundry marker. The ink may bleed through your fabric, and this will be impossible to remove.

Sew-In Labels

sew-in label

Beautiful custom woven labels can be ordered to identify and enhance your garments. They can be designed to showcase the knitter or seamstress who made the garment for identification purposes. These are lovely but sewing them can be time-consuming, and they are the most expensive kind of label.

Stick-On Labels

If you do not own an iron but still want to label clothes, there are peel and stick fabric labels for your clothes. These are not as durable as the iron-on labels, and you can see them come off after several washings. They are however easy to remove than the iron-on labels if you intend to pass along the clothes or equipment.

Labeling your clothes is essential for purposes of identification. These are some of the ways that you can use to label them.