Maintaining a good credit score

There are different lending institutions out there where you can borrow money. They do have their terms of an agreement which you should read before or when signing any application form. Repaying the loan in time is one of their requirements. All lenders will give you a specific timeframe where you should pay back their money after the period has elapsed. They also charge interest rates for any amount borrowed. It is essential to note more extended periods have higher interest rates compared to short terms. Compare the rates between different banks before settling on the right one to borrow. Transformation of technology has seen the emergence of online lending companies where you can access quick loans straight from your phones.

qualify for a loanThis has made everything easy because you do not need to walk to an office and line up for hours to fill your application forms. At times, one can wait for up to a month to know whether they have qualified for a loan. You should adhere to the lender’s terms of agreement failure to which you might get penalized. Some organizations help banks monitor the repayment habits of their customers. They will give ratings depending on your repayment habit. Poor credit will block you from getting loans. Here is how you can improve your credit score.

Set up a timetable

You can set up a schedule for your loan repayment. If your loan is due in a month, you can set up a weekly deadline that will see you pay the required amount in different portions. This method is easy because it helps reduce the burden felt when one decides to pay the full amount at once.

Loan use

Before applying for that loan, understand the reason for its use. You should try and figure out if it will be beneficial to you by generating profits which you can use to repay. Many apply for loans to buy things that bring no returns. Use that money in an activity that will make income and see you compensate it fast and improve your credit score.

Limit your applications

Yourloan application loan limit tends to increase every time you pay back the borrowed money on time. This gives you the urge to borrow once again, and it ends up becoming a habit. You should limit your applications because you will reach a point where you cannot manage to pay back, and this will see your credit score go down.…

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Financial Planner

It is always advisable to have a financial planner if you have a range of assets to manage. This is because they have the knowledge and experience that can help you to build your wealth and manage it well. There have been cases where individuals have managed to acquire a lot of assets, but after a while, they have nothing due to mismanagement. Therefore, a financial planner will help investors to understand the dynamics of the economy better and manage their assets appropriately. However, individuals should be careful when selecting a financial planner. This article enumerates some of the factors that should be considered before hiring one;

Tips For Choosing A Financial Advisor


employee graphic recordEducation requirements for financial planners vary all over the world. However, before hiring one, ensure that they have the certificate of a certified financial planner. They should also have the necessary licenses that the state requires for them to serve you so as to avoid any legal constraints in the future. In addition to that, they should have the relevant certificates recognized in the industry.

The Services Being Offered

Most of the financial planners offer just investment advice. However, advisers who provide comprehensive planning are the best. Comprehensive planning involves management of all the assets. That includes cash flow planning, insurance monitoring, debt management, and real estate. When you hire a comprehensive financial advisor, they will guide you through all those areas, and you will not need services from specialists in other sectors except investment advice. They may be a bit pricey, but they are indeed the better option.


payment check

This is a significant factor that is often overlooked. There is no standard method of payment for financial advising services. This is because different planners charge differently. It could be on an hourly basis or weekly and even monthly. Some charge based on the assets under management. The crucial part is to understand how they charge so that you can evaluate if you are getting the value of what you are paying for.


Most people think that the longer the planner has been in the field, the better the quality of their work will be. That is true most of the time, but some fresh planners are just as good. Experience is a factor that should not be overlooked because your assets could be at stake. Get a financial planner who is conversant with the financial and economic ever changing dynamics for your assets to be managed accordingly.…